Interview : Ann Ev

"For me, it’s not just about model job. It’s about figuring out all the questions for life."

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Ann Ev from Moscow, Russia and I am 21 years old.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

I was just sitting and watching ‘American Next Top Model’ one day and thinking why not try? So I found an agency near my hometown, a little city called Ryazan. At the time, my height was 173cm which was taller than other people but still not tall enough as a model. Luckily, I grew 4-5 cm during the next half year since I decided to be a model. So I could start modeling since I was 17. I never imagined myself modeling but I am here in Korea doing this job.

It seems to be very challenging you came all the way from Russia to Korea to do modeling. What brought you here?

In Russia, there aren’t many model jobs and paid low wages so I decided to go to other countries where there are better opportunities.

Tell me about your experience as a model.

I could trip to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Korea for work. Also, I worked as a fitting model in Istituto Marangoni in Milan. It’s a great experience to meet people from different countries.

What do you find most difficult about this job?

It’s hard to find an agency that is a good fit for me. I changed a lot of agencies for many reasons. One of the agencies had put too much pressure on me to keep losing my weight that I suffered from anorexia. I was mentally exhausted and had to stop modeling for a half year. Now I decided I would never take an unhealthy way to lose my weight again.

What pros and cons do you think this job has?

Good thing is that I could experience a lot from modeling. I could travel, learn English and meet new people from different places. All those experiences would have never come to me if I didn’t do this job. For me, it’s not just about model job. It’s about figuring out all the questions for life. Bad thing is that it is hard to find real things that are veiled from the glamour of fashion. Everyone seems to be heading for the top and it is clear that they want nothing but a crown on their head. So it is hard to find reliability in relationships. In the end, everything starts from people. Good things, you can meet people and bad things, you can also suffer from people.

You always bring a notebook with you. What do you draw or write in it?

I am drawing my feelings. With different kinds of pencils and pens, I try to draw the truth of what I have inside.

You seem to have a lot of interests. What are some other things you do?

Yes, I have a wide variety of interests. Besides this job, I also work as a motion designer, fashion stylist and production designer based in Moscow. Psychology and medical science are other fields I am interested in. Although I have a lot of interests, I cannot plan to do everything. So whenever I get a chance, I just do it.

Last question! How would you want to spend a week if you can be away from work?

Actually, I don’t really like free days. I like to keep myself busy. I always need to do something. I would draw something on my laptop even in my bed. But there is one thing I want to do for a week though. I want to spend a week with my boyfriend. If I have unlimited money, I will buy a plane and pick him up in Russia and go somewhere with the plane. It wouldn’t matter where as long as he’s with me.